Please note: due to Covid 19 temporary measures are in place-see bottom of page for these temporary adjustments during this time)

About New Brighton Day Nursery (NBDN):

  • What is a CIC?

    A community interest company (CIC) is a business with primarily social objectives with a commitment to reinvest over 2/3rds of surplus, rather than being driven by the need to maximize profit for shareholders and owners.

  • What makes NBDN unique?
    • We are the only CIC Day Nursery in Wirral and one of the few independent, family run nurseries remaining in the area.
    • Our nursery is purpose built, unlike other converted buildings, so perfect for young children, as outdoor access is direct from each room, no stairs, we have underfloor heating, natural light, open planned spaces, disabled access throughout, adjoining sleep rooms, changing facilities and bathrooms.
    • We offer secure, private large outdoor play areas in and round the building and an outdoor ranger who offers continuous outdoor activities throughout the day.
    • We have our own private 12 seated minibus for trips out
    • We are Ofsted ‘outstanding’ and hold a platinum award for our high-quality provision from the NDNA
    • We offer a forest school site and sessions with qualified level 3 forest school practitioners leading the weekly sessions. In addition to this and to utilise our local beach environment we also offer beach school sessions.
    • We are Reggio Emelia inspired so our approach is very much aimed at viewing the children as strong, capable, resilient and rich with wonder and knowledge.
    • Our team are highly experienced and qualified, with half the team made up of level 6 practitioners including EYP’s and Qualified teachers, with the minimal being a level 3.
    • To engage further with parents, we use Storypark, an easy-to-use private online service that helps teachers, parents and families work together to record, share and extend children’s learning. You can capture a child’s development by posting photos, videos, stories, moments, notes and responses.


  • What will my child experience?

    Your child will be given the opportunity to thrive in a setting whose aim is delivering high quality learning activities, delivered by a professional, dedicated team. They will have access to experiences indoors and out that will build upon their existing knowledge and skills and be encouraged to extend this further. They will use an abundance of resources in an environment that will invite, excite and motivate new learning.

  • Will my child be ready for school at the end of their experience?

    Yes. Our professional teams in each of the rooms prepare children for all their important transitions, even from room to room, preparing for each important step. Activities and experiences are carefully planned by our teachers to ensure children are prepared for school, having the confidence, capability and enthusiasm to learn

  • What is forest/beach school?

    Forest/Beach Schools are a way of giving children in their early years the opportunity to learn and develop in a natural environment, sparking their intrinsic motivations to explore, create and be curious about the world around them. Beach Schools provide an opportunity for holistic development for young children, giving them good foundations for the rest of their life.

  • How does the Reggio Emelia approach benefit my children’s learning and development?

    Resilience, responsibility, self-confidence, teamwork, problem-solving skills as well as creative and scientific thinking are just some of the benefits of this approach which, from its early beginnings in post-war Italy has grown to become a recognised global leader in innovative and highly effective childhood teaching.

  • How can I find out more about the nursery?

    Visit our website on www.newbrightondaynursery.org.uk

    See what we have been up to on facebook,

    Look at our Ofsted inspection https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/16/EY475792

    and parent reviews on:https://www.daynurseries.co.uk/daynursery.cfm/searchazref/50003515NEWA

    Or give us a call on 0151 6300992 or pop in for a show around.

  • When is the nursery open and what sessions do you provide?

    The nursery is open Monday to Friday, 51 weeks of the year, closing on bank holidays and the Christmas week. We are open from 7.30am – 6pm and offer part time 8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm and full day sessions.

  • How do I arrange a visit?

    You can either arrange a visit, by calling the office on 0151 630 0992 or pop in at your most convenient time.

  • If I am delayed picking up, what happens?

    You must call the office and inform us that you will be late. Two members of staff will wait with your child until you arrive. A late collect fee that will imposed.

  • What happens if someone new is collecting my child?

    You must inform us before any new person collects your child. We will ask for a name and a description as well as the password used on the registration documents.

  • Can I book in extra sessions?

    Yes. However, this is on condition that there is space available.

  • How do I enter the nursery and collect my child?

    Enter at the main entrance and ring the buzzer into your child’s room, they will see you through the intercom and allow you access into the nursery.

  • What extra facilities do you provide?

    As well as beach and forest school sessions, we offer kiddleydivey, a national music service provider specialising in providing age and mind appropriate educational and therapeutic musical sessions. ‘Break the mould CIC’ comes in weekly providing sports coaching for a wide range of age groups with a mix of abilities. Also, weekly we offer yoga sessions with Laura from ‘Beeyogabeeme.’ Using our bus, we are able to take the children out on many nursery trips.

  • If my child is unwell what happens?

    If your child becomes ill at nursery, we will call you to collect them. If they are due to come into nursery on a day that they are unwell, we ask you to contact us to let us know and advise you to only bring them back into the nursery once they are feeling better. We can administer prescribed medication, but only after 48 hours.

  • What is the EYFS?

    The early years foundation stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning, development and care of your child from birth to 5 years old. All schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers must follow the EYFS.

  • How is my child settled into the nursery?

    Each child has a settling in period of 2 hours, (more if required) during this time you are invited in with your child to help them get used to the environment and be introduced to their key person. You will be asked to complete an ‘all about me’ profile of your child, a document shared with the nursery to help us get to know your child, access their current stage of development and help plan their first few weeks ahead.

  • What do I have to bring in each day?

    Nappies, wipes, creams, formula/breast milk (for those required) For all others a bag with at least one change of clothing, welly boots, appropriate outdoor wear. All items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

  • Can I contact the nursery to see how my child is doing?

    Yes, each room has their own phone so calls can be forwarded for you can to speak directly to a staff member. Also, updates will be posted on ‘Storypark’

  • Do you offer a uniform?

    Yes. This is optional and offers variations for both summer and winter. Sunhats, waterproof jackets as well as bags can also be purchased. We do have examples in our reception but purchases are made through ID Uniforms on https://www.iduniforms.co.uk/prod…/clubs-and-associations/…/

  • What happens when my child moves up into another room?

    This usually happens once your child is at the appropriate age and stage of development for the next room. This usually involves a group of children moving at the same time. We will discuss your child’s transition with you, and they will spend short periods in the new room with their existing key person.

  • Do you work closely with schools to help prepare my child for school transitions?

    Yes. Our qualified teachers liaise very closely with schools, forming an integral part of our overall ‘school readiness’ planning. This includes teacher visits and organising small group trips on our bus, to schools who invite children in for induction sessions.

  • What will my child eat and drink throughout the day?

    Children will be offered a variety of hot and cold healthy snacks and meals throughout the day. Water and milk are available and encouraged particularly at mealtimes.

  • My child has dietary requirements/food allergies/intolerances, can you accommodate this?

    Yes. All dietary requirements are catered for

  • What are the fees? How are they calculated? When must they be paid? and how do I pay?

    To find out about of fees please contact the office on 0151 630 0992.

    Fees are calculated as follows:

    daily rate x sessions per week x 51 weeks divided by 12 months =

    Fees are due one month in advance, on the 1st of each month.

    You can pay by standing order, Tax free childcare or childcare vouchers.

  • How much do I put down as a deposit?

    This depends on the amount of sessions you will begin with, being a minimum of £50 and Maximum of £100. This amount will be refunded in accordance to our deposit policy.

  • Is there funding available and how can I access it?

    For more information go to; https://www.gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs/free-childcare-and-education-for-2-to-4-year-olds.

  • What is tax free childcare?

    These are vouchers your employer may offer at your workplace, however conditions now apply, please see the following link: https://www.gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs/childcare-vouchers

  • Do you offer discounts?

    Yes. We offer discounts for full time places and siblings.

  • What is a key person?

    A key person provides individual, tailored care to every child assigned to them. They give your child a secure base, enabling them to develop emotionally and socially. From this secure base your child can explore the environment, participate in activities, make friends and learn new things.

  • How can I communicate with the nursery and my child’s key person?

    You can do this in a variety of ways. Our management team have an open-door policy, where you are welcome at any time to pop in and have an informal chat. Our parent’s area is for more private or organised meetings. You can also call or email the office. Communications with your child’s key person can include face to face communication during drop off and collection times, through transferred calls from the office, during parent evenings, special events and through ‘story park.’ (see ‘what makes NBDN unique?)

  • What I meant by parent partnership?

    This partnership includes parents, families and practitioners working together to benefit children. This partnership is built on trust, transparency and responsibility from all parties involved.

  • How can I contribute to my child’s learning at home?

    This is something we very much encourage as we view parents as the child’s first and most important educator at this stage. Using ‘Storypark you will be encouraged to engage in your children’s learning and contribute towards your child’s individual learning plan. This can be easily accomplished by responding to observations, videos, photos and recorded voices of your child. You can also upload your own observations at home!

  • Can I come in for a show round?

    Yes. However, you will be asked to complete a Covid 19 questionnaire, your temperature will be taken, and you will be asked to wear a facemask.

  • What measures do you have in place to minimise the spread of coronavirus?

    We have put temporary measures in place to minimise the impact of Covid 19, including thorough cleaning, further hygiene procedures, new routines for parents and organisation inside the building, with bubbles to keep children and staff separated. We have imposed new pick up and drop off zones, as well as staggered drop off and collection times. For more information on how we are keeping everyone safe, please contact the office for a full breakdown.

  • What happens if my child has Covid 19 symptoms?

    NHS guidance can be found on the following link https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms/