Food and Nutrition

New Brighton Day Nursery partners with local culinary experts Can Cook for our lunches. Our kitchen provides tailored breakfast and afternoon snacks/teas. With a focus on diverse, healthy and well-presented foods we also recognise the importance of mealtimes as a social experience that also links to family time and school readiness. Our eating routines also provide children an opportunity to engage with choosing food, learning about eating techniques and helping to clear up.

‘All of our nursery catering meals are hand prepared on site by our chefs on the day of delivery. We only use fresh ingredients, free from additives and preservatives, over 70% of our ingredients are sourced locally. Our tasty nursery catering menus include a variety of traditional meals and more inventive dishes designed to promote new flavours and tastes to children. Our menus run on a 3 week rotation and are updated 2-3 times per year to ensure seasonality. We provide both a meat or fish and vegetarian option each day and make every effort to ensure that both the meat or fish and vegetarian option are similar in appearance to avoid singling out children with dietary requirements.

We believe that our role is to support early years settings in helping children to make healthy choices about their food as they grow; we aim to enable you to achieve this by providing healthy, tasty, varied menus that children enjoy. Good food positively affects children’s concentration and behaviour, enabling them to absorb more of the information they receive at school or nursery and giving them the best start in life.’


New Brighton Day Nursery also has a 5 star hygiene rating. We regularly involve children in activities related to food and making – from cakes, to jam, to cookies to carrot sticks and shapes.

Our planting areas (and mini-orchard) also allow children to engage in the whole process from planting, to growing, to picking to eating.