Our Team

We are blessed with an enthusiastic, well qualified and committed team (with a very low staff turnover compared to many other settings).

Over half our team is Level 6 or above. Everyone above Level 3

This includes
3 Early Year Teachers,
3 Pre-school/ Foundation teachers,
2 Forest School Level 3 Practitioners,
2 Beach School Level 3 Practitioners and
several Level 4 Reggio Practitioners in training.

Jamie Director

Louise Director

Vikki Nursery Manager

Fay Deputy Manager Room Leader

Felicity Pre-School Teacher

Jenna Pre-School Teacher

Louise 3rd and Hayley Outdoor Ranger

Hayley Room Leader

Brittany Room Leader

Amanda Early Years Senior

Eve Early Years Senior

Gemma Early Years Senior

Jess Early Years Senior

Kate Early Years Senior

Pam Early Years Senior

Rebecca Early Years Senior

Steph Early Years Senior

Tammi Early Years Senior

Ruth Childcare Practitioner

Dawn Childcare Practitioner

Nikki Childcare Practitioner

Julie Childcare Practitioner

Kim Nursery Administrator

Keith Caretaker